People in the city of Tonawanda are getting an unpleasant surprise in next month's tax bill.

Council members said that a citywide reassessment, along with a 13 percent increase in spending, is going to cost homeowners almost $300.

"Our tax levy is our spending etc. It's gone up 27 percent in two years,” said Jenna Koch, president of the Tonawanda Common Council. “We will mail out the tax bills April 1 and our residents will see on average a $290 increase."

The city is close to exceeding the state's two percent property tax cap for the fifth year in a row.

Officials said they are working diligently to see what cost saving measures they can put in place for the 2020 budget, but residents are fed up.

"It's disheartening,” said Adam Sereno, a homeowner. “I have a family at home. That's money I'm taking away from what I can do for my family that the city has to spend because again they've done way too much. They've overreached what they are able to do."

Council members tabled the vote to exceed the tax cap.

They will they will have another meeting on the issue on April 2.