At least two Major League Baseball players are showing their support for the workers at the New Era plant in Derby.

The plant is set to close next month.

Colling McHugh plays for the Houston Astros but in 2012, he split the season between the Bisons and the Binghamton Mets.

On Monday, he tweeted “When I was in the minor leagues, my wife and I lived with a woman whose family worked in that factory since its inception. She showed me hats from the early years of New Era MLB and was so proud of her connection to the game. I stand with the workers in Derby, NY.” He used the hashtag New Era Hats Off.

Sean Doolittle of the Washington Nationals also joined in, saying “As one of the most prominent unions in the U.S., we want to elevate the voices of the laborers whose work makes our game possible. The Derby, NY factory workers have been a part of our game, making the iconic on-field hats for over 50 years. They deserve better.” He used the “New Era Hats Off” hashtag as well.