A Buffalo firefighter is still recovering at ECMC from burns they suffered while working to put out a fire on Butler Avenue Thursday night.

They are in stable condition with third-degree burns on the hands, arm, face and back.

Three other firefighters were treated and released.

The fire commissioner said most of the burns were caused by super hot steam that can penetrate a firefighter’s protective gear. Steam burns can also be caused by a person’s own sweat. 

The firefighter who is in stable condition got disoriented and separated from the crew.

He suffered additional burns on his hands when he took off his gloves to try make a mayday call by pressing a special button on his radio.

He was found by another member of his crew.

Three people live in the house and had made it out unharmed by the time fire crews arrived.

Investigators say the cause of the fire is electrical.

Some of the crews that fought this fire were on scene at the Shirley Avenue fire that killed two children last month, in addition to the Leroy Avenue fire that sent a 13-year-old girl to the hospital just last week.