It's that time of year when it can just be too cold to want to leave the house. But with the help of StudioHue, the party comes right into an artist's home. 

"We basically lead you through a project, step by step, help you make something really cool at the end,” said Alicia Hark, co-owner of StudioHue. “We clean up and set up and we provide all the instruction for it.”

StudioHue offers a wide variety of projects for people of all skill levels, from chunky knit blankets to etching patterns onto pint glasses. 

"Probably one of our most popular projects are pallet art. We do plank signs, welcome mats, etched glasses and coasters, string art,” she said. “We really do all kinds of things and we're always adding and changing and doing seasonal things, always something new to look forward to.”

But when cabin fever sets in, the StudioHue storefront and classroom is a short drive away on Broadway in downtown Buffalo.

Just like having a party at home, the studio offers snacks and drinks to enjoy while crafts are being created.

“We have our liquor license so people are welcome to bring wine, beer, cider,” Hark said. “We also do have a bar so you can buy stuff from us as well. But, yeah, people can bring snacks and whatever they like.”

Prices start at $35 each for adults and $20 each for kids. Hark promises there are projects for all skill and artistic level, and everyone goes home with a project they'll be able to use. 

"If you're intimidated or anything like that, you get one-on-one attention and they'll sit with you and help work on it with you so you can make sure you have a quality project when you go home," she said.