Santa came early for some with some help from the Buffalo Dream Center.

Families stopped by the Belle Center on Maryland Street to pick up Christmas presents and food Saturday afternoon.

Since 1998, the Dream Center has given out toys and bags full of groceries to disadvantaged families.

More than 5,000 toys and 3,000 meals will be given out to families over the next couple weeks.

In the last weekend alone, the center served 700 people.

"They'll cry on my shoulder, they'll give my wife a hug and thank her. They'll tell us that, ‘This is it. I can't do anything for my family and this is the only present that my kid is going to get,’ and people are so thankful,” said Eric Johns, Buffalo Dream Center pastor.

The campaign is still in need for unwrapped gifts.

Visit the Buffalo Dream Center's website to find out how to help.