Downstate resident Steve Schoenfeld was in Western New York on business for a few days. While he's not surprised by the cold weather, he is surprised by the gas prices.

"I'm finding closer towards $3 a gallon, and this is the one time I'm buying gas when I'm up here just filling up my rental car right now at $2.73. So, it is a bit of a savings," said Schoenfeld, a Westchester County resident.

Buffalo drivers are paying about $2.85 per gallon on average, said Elizabeth Carey of AAA Western and Central New York. That’s about 20 cents more per gallon from last year, but prices are on their way down.

Carey said the growing global crude oil supply is outpacing demand, which is driving down December gas prices.

"OPEC had a meeting this week in Vienna and that's an international meeting, and they talked about some supply and demand,” she said. “If oil prices continue to stay down, we will see gas prices low and continue to drop. But, it all depends on those oil prices.”

Still, not all motorists are happy with the price they’re paying at the pump.

"Before a big holiday it always seems to go up,” said Jim Bell. “You just gotta live with it I guess. Ain't nothing you can do about it.”

“Looks like they're going down. That's a good thing. Better money for the holidays," said Mario Masic.

Barring any major events, Carey expects the price of gas to continue to fall well past January 1.

"Only things that could really change that would be if for some reason oil prices spiked way up,” she said. “That could push gas prices up, and if there was some kind of a political event internationally, maybe in the Middle East. That's something that could push up gas prices.”