Standing inside the Broadway Barn with Buffalo Public Works Commissioner Steve Stepniak at his side, Mayor Byron Brown says the city is more than ready to do battle with Old Man Winter.

"We have 70 pieces of snow removal equipment, all totaled there are over 100 pieces of equipment at our disposal, and we've added three new vehicles this year," said Brown.

Brown says the city also has 7,000 tons of salt for city streets. He says the city has invested nearly $10 million in snow fighting equipment since 2006. Even as the city touts its preparedness, officials are also urging the public to do its part.

“Probably the most important, mainly on our main streets, is the bus routes: no parking from 1:30 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. If those cars are not moved it's almost impossible to clear the snow to the curb, it really is a public safety hazard," said Kevin Helfer, City of Buffalo parking commissioner.

While the officials in Buffalo are bracing for what happens to city streets, in Orchard Park, WNY Snow Removal is also gearing up.

"A lot of people when they think about storms and things that are coming, they think about the municipalities being able to go out there and handle it, but unfortunately if you’re not able to get out of your driveway because there's six or 12 inches of snow in your driveway, that's a key factor, people need to be able to get out and go to stores and go along with their daily lives," said Connor Kolb, WNY Snow Removal.

Connor Kolb and Garrett Smith started WNY Snow Removal about four years ago, right before the big November Storm. Smith says if there's one thing they've learned in four years, it's you can’t prepare enough.

“Our weather here can be very unpredictable. With lake effect snow, oftentimes you don't know exactly where it's going to hit, and from one street to another, the amount of snowfall that has happened could vary greatly," said Smith.

Whatever happens, Smith and the City of Buffalo say they're ready for whatever Old Man Winter brings.