Guillermo Torres-Acevedo remains in jail a day after he drove to Pennsylvania with a 14-year-old girl with whom he had a relationship.

The family of 14-year-old Kamerie Elliott is angry that Torres-Acevedo, 22, was out of custody, as he’d been released just hours before from Genesee County jail after being arrested and charged with statutory rape.

Kamerie is home safe and her family would not speak on camera, but they say she was taken by Torres-Acevedo Thursday morning, picked up in a vehicle that was packed full. They, along with authorities, believe the Batavia man was not planning to return.

Their departure triggered an Amber Alert Thursday afternoon.

Police said Torres-Acevedo abducted Elliot Thursday morning  on West Bergen Road. He had just been released by Genesee County authorities after being charged by state police with two felonies: second degree criminal sex act and second degree rape.

The charges refer to non-forcible sexual contact with a minor , ages  11-to-14. He also faces counts of endangering the welfare of a child for having a young girl stay in his home overnight.

He pleaded not guilty and a "stay away" order of protection was issued. 

Torres-Acevedo was released on bail under a pre-trial release program called Genesee Justice. The Genesee County District Attorney confirmed Torres-Acevedo was released because he qualified as a low-flight risk. His status will be measured again once he returns from Pennsylvania.

District Attorney Lawrence Friedman said he’s waiting to determine whether any additional charges will be filed.

Torres-Acevedo will remain in Tioga County, Pennsylvania, and is set to appear in court there December 10. He will face charges related to violating a protection order linked to the rape count he faced in Genesee County. After that, the Batavia man will be extradited here. The Genesee County District Attorney awaits Torres-Acevedo's return.

The Elliot family remains shaken from this.  Kamerie's grandmother said her sister disappeared as a runaway when she was 14. The family did not hear from her for four years.

The Elliot's were grateful for the Amber Alert response by police in Pennsylvania and New York, including Genesee County Sheriff's investigators strategy of pinging a phone believed to be in Torres-Acevedo's car.  The trace tracked the phone to a Wal-Mart in Mansfield, Pennsylvania, where authorities apprehended the suspect.


Additional charges are pending.