NORTH TONAWANDA, N.Y. -- At American Force Academy in North Tonawanda, the force is strong.

"I had an interest in studying Kendo, which is Japanese swordsmanship, but this turned out to be a better fit for me," Eric Komroy, a mentor at American Force Academy said.

Your eyes aren't fooling you. Komroy is talking about sabering. The concept isn't from a galaxy far-far-away, either.

"We are able to incorporate all types of sword artistry throughout history in our combat style,” Komroy explained.

Whether you’re 20 or 90, thin or a little thick--the class will be made just for you.  The sense of comradery is why Kevin Hurst brought sabering, here.

"The initial response was people thought they were coming in and would learn choreographed fights," Kevin Hurst, creator of American Force Academy said.

Fast forward three years and Western New York's first sabering school is teaching combat martial arts, but practice isn't for a battle against the Sith. It's about overcoming whatever life throws their way.

"Everyone comes in for different reasons,” Hurst said. “Someone could have a bad day at work and want to release some tension, or they want to have fun, learn something new."

And always leave with a smile.

“I want them to come in and be around a group of people with like mindedness," Hurst said.

And the saying "Don't underestimate the force,” is being translated into not under estimating, yourself.

"You know we are giving each other a fist bump after and just trying to help each other get better,” Hurst said.