The Seneca Nation of Indians and New York State are once again at odds over casino revenue payments. The Nation halted payments in 2017 contending it was no longer required to under it's current compact agreement.

The state argues the compact contract extends until 2023. Attorneys for both sides have presented their arguments in the case as it appears to be heading toward arbitration. 

The funds were a “godsend” to Salamanca, said Mayor Michael Smith, who served as an alderman when the city received $34 million in casino revenues in 2013.

"We were able to restore some of the programs that had been cut,” he said. “The services, the things that we can do. The sidewalk repair, the tree removal of old trees through our department of public works. The street repairs and things we've been able to carry on."

Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster said the millions his city received from the casino “made it possible for us to avoid what would have been massive layoffs, including massive public safety layoffs here in Niagara Falls.”

The $69 million received in 2013 was used for reconstruction and infrastructure and pay back some internal accounts.