Just after 8:30 a.m. Saturday, a post office employee found a suspicious device on the steps of the post office on South Park Avenue.

This was just down the road from the Buffalo Police South District station where two suspicious devices were found Friday. Those devices turned out to be fake pipe bombs and police say the one found Saturday at the post office was similar in nature.

"Once our officers arrived they saw what appeared to be a pipe bomb on the front steps. We followed our protocols and contacted our K9 bomb dogs as well as the Erie County Sheriff's Department. Eventually we were joined by the FBI as well as the ATF at the location of the post office. It was determined using the robotics of the sheriff's department that the device was an inactive device similar to what we saw yesterday outside of the station here," said Buffalo Police Captain Jeff Rinaldo.

Police said they're not making any assumptions whether or not the incidents are related, but say these acts are felonies and are using all their resources to catch the person or people responsible.

"With any felony it's anywhere from one year to life in prison, so it's up to a judge who assigns the sentencing but it's a D level felony placing a false bomb or hazardous material so the law is designed to make this not a joke and face the same consequences as if it was an actual device," said Rinaldo.

Business owners say they either had to close shop or delay opening because of a lockdown. 

Neighbors and parents with children roaming the area say they don't want to grow complacent with these events happening. 

"I'm raising my children around here," said resident Phillip Reed. "My daughters and my son all wait for the bus right at the corner and if anything were to ever happen that would be my children's safety."

Investigators say they are combing through surveillance video of the area. 

"We got a lot of kids that live in this neighborhood," said resident Antoine Howard. "You don't want a kid picking up a package and it could be really dangerous to them." 

Police ask anyone with information to call their confidential tip line at 716-847-2255.