Bishop Malone will hold a meeting next month to discuss the ongoing sex abuse scandals with the Buffalo Catholic Diocese.

A spokeswoman for the diocese said, "The bishop will be discussing the current  situation with the priests, as he has done on several occasions in recent months." The meeting is scheduled for November 5.

This comes as 60 minutes is set to air a story Sunday night on the scandals rocking the diocese and how they have been handled.

Bishop Malone released a statement Saturday saying he appreciates the invitation to interview with 60 minutes. However he is declining.

“While 60 Minutes is free to interview whomever they wish for this story, it is clear to me and my staff that your roster of interviews did not include those who are aware of the full extent of the efforts of our Diocese to combat child abuse,” said Malone in his statement. “Nor does it include those who urge me every day to stay the course and restore the confidence of our faithful.