After reports of children being picked up for school or dropped off at home hours later than scheduled, the Buffalo Public Schools and First Student met Wednesday to address the problem.

In addition to being late to or from school, some parents said their children were released at the wrong location.

Sean McCabe, First Students’ area general manager, said they have been working to fill vacant positions for drivers and recently hired 96 new bus drivers.

"You can never predict attrition," said McCabe. "Our drivers take the summer off. For the most part we do do some work in the summer, however this summer with the job market being a little hotter than it was, our turnover was a little more than it normally is. We ramped up for that. "

Thirty-five of the newly-hired bus drivers are trained and will be ready to drive students beginning November 14. 

First Student operates 650 bus routes daily and believes the new hires will fill any gaps. 

"It’s a massive operation every day," said Buffalo Public Schools' Chief of Staff, Dr. Darren Brown. "This is something that we hold near and dear to our hearts, making sure students arrive in a timely manner to begin their educational day."

First Student is looking for more drivers and encourage anyone who is interested to visit their career site for more information.

Superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash released the following statement to parents about the First Student Buses.

 The full statement is posted here.