BUFFALO, N.Y. — City Comptroller Mark Schroeder is calling for city government to get involved in auditing plans for Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority.

Audits for the BMHA are done by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development annually, but the authority has no internal audit function to review daily spending.

Schroeder says limited resources keep his office from completing more frequent and thorough audits.

In a letter to Mayor Byron Brown and the City Council, Schroeder asked that a third party be brought in to audit BMHA.

Schroeder estimates that it will cost $50,000, a cost he wants the BMHA to pay.

BMHA Executive Director Gilliam Brown said Wednesday the comptroller’s request is unnecessary.

“My perspective is that the mayor's recently appointed board of commissioners and myself should be given the time we need to make the structural and policy changes that we need to make at the housing authority,” Brown said. “We're working on it. We’re taking actions now. This is not going to be useful."

The results of the latest audit of BMHA by the Department of Housing and Urban Development have not yet been completed.

The comptroller’s request will be discussed at the city’s upcoming finance committee meeting on Sept. 11, which BMHA members have been asked to attend.

Letter to Mayor Brown and Buffalo City Council