The Diocese of Buffalo is facing a lawsuit that claims it was responsible for exposing the public to priests prone to sexual abuse.

Matthew Golden, a sexual abuse survivor, filed the suit in the state Supreme Court, alleging the Catholic Diocese "continues to conspire and engage in efforts to conceal from the public and law enforcement, the identities of priests who have sexually abused minors and allow known child molesters," according to a press release.

The suit comes after several local officials called for Bishop Richard Malone to resign, claiming he ignored sexual abuse allegations against local priests.

"The children who have been and are being neglected by church officials deserve this lawsuit," Golden’s attorney, Mike Reck, said in a statement. "Because the Diocese of Buffalo and Bishop Malone failed to make the very simple choice to come clean and disclose the full extent of the abuse in this diocese, it will now face the full weight of justice in a court of law."

Malone announced Sunday afternoon that he will not be resigning. The Diocese's communications director, though, is leaving Sept. 7.

Full text of the lawsuit