BUFFALO, N.Y. — Frustrations continue to grow with leadership of the Buffalo Diocese, with some calling for Bishop Richard Malone to resign.

Parishioners from several catholic churches talked with Spectrum News about their growing concerns about the church's future.

Annette Brewer says the public scrutiny of Bishop Malone and lawsuits by alleged victims of sex abuse against the Diocese are unwarranted.

“They need to sue the person that abused them, not the Diocese,” said Brewer.

However, parishioners like Mike Hildick say the Bishop could have handled the allegations better.

“I’ll always be a Catholic, there’s no doubt about it, but I wish they would’ve handled it differently and I wish they had taken these priests that committed these crimes and prosecuted them publicly,” said Hildick.

In a letter Saturday to the parishioners of Saint Mary’s of Swormville, Bishop Malone apologized for the wrongs within the church.

His note also acknowledged the Diocese’s failure of recognizing victims of all ages and said:

"I am instituting a program to examine the Diocese's procedures for handling claims of inappropriate conduct with adults and to recommend a method for honoring ALL survivors in a manner consistent with our protection for children."

Malone announced Sunday afternoon he will not be resigning.