BUFFALO, N.Y. — After being closed for more than a decade, Buffalo School 77 is back in business.

On Thursday, community members and local officials cut the ribbon on the reopening of the old School 77 as an affordable housing apartment building for seniors.

Closed in 2006, the repurposed school building on the city's west side now has 30 housing units, a gym and a rooftop patio.

The building will also be the new home for the Ujima Theater Company and People United for Sustainable Housing or PUSH, the organization that spearheaded the $15 million repurposing project.            

"About four years ago we has a community congress that had about 250 members of PUSH, and they all just gravitated towards this project and told us they wanted this to be a priority and for the community to take control of this building. Working with our many elected officials, the City of Buffalo, many of our partners in New York State, we've been able to make this a reality,” said Rahwa Ghirmatzion, PUSH, incoming executive director.

PUSH officials say the building is also partially powered by solar panels on the roof.