Some residents had mixed emotions after the Italian Heritage festival was relocated to Buffalo's Outer Harbor for the first time last year. Bryna Ram who lives off of Hertel Avenue says she did enjoy the festival being close to her at times, but didn't like dealing with the parking issues and mischief that was drawn to the neighborhood.

"While I miss the smells of the food and the music, it's just nice to have peace again," said Bryna Ram who lives off of Hertel Avenue.

While others think Buffalo's "Little Italy" should be the only spot for the festival.

"I just think that why would you hold the Italian Fest anywhere other then, Little Italy which is right on Hertel," said Ellie Kern.

Kern lives off of and works on Hertel says after the relocation, she hasn't even wanted to attend at the outer harbor.

"I thought about heading down just to check it out but I almost feel like there's this weird loyalty I have to this strip and I kinda think a lot of people would agree that why would you relocate it to a place that has nothing to do with the culture that you're supposedly celebrating."

But Marie Todaro, who's been going to the festival since the 80s when it was still on Connecticut Street, went to the new location for the first time this year and doesn't mind the change.

"Spread out more, they got more chairs, the parking is better, they really accommodate for the handicap which is great for me, you know it's harder to walk around for me so it's working out good," she said.

And others agree.

"Hertel, it was really so over-crowded. Here it's wonderful, I mean it's so open, you can see everything, you can get around, lots of seating, it's very nice," said Kristin Kryszczuk of Grand Island.

This year, they've even brought a piece of the past to the Outer Harbor, paying tribute to the history of the Italian Festival with Hertel and Connecticut Street signs.

"Brings back a lot of memories," said Todaro.

Kryszczuk said, "I noticed that right when I walked in, I actually took a picture of it, I thought that was great to really remember where it all started."