BUFFALO, N.Y. – New York is one of the nation’s most unionized states, according to the Federal Bureau of Labor. 

Union members in Western New York say the results of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Janus v. The American Federation of State may weaken collective bargaining.

“It's not supporting the organization which by its very existence and it's very core mission obtains wages, benefits and conditions for ordinary working class people, “ said Richard Lipsitz of Western New York Area Labor Federation. 

The ruling made collecting union fees from non-members unconstitutional.

“The last two equalizers in this country are public education and unions," said Joseph J. Catafio.

Despite the changes, the president of the West Seneca Teachers Association says the strength of unions remains intact.

"I think the false narrative that is coming from the corporations and the people that want to silence us, has been proven to be false and our members realize that the people that are speaking for them are their fellow members,” Catafio said.