BUFFALO, N.Y. — For years there have been development and changes up and down the Outer Harbor. But starting Wednesday, local leaders are asking the community to provide input on what it should look like in the future.

It all starts at the north end: the First Buffalo River Marina. The goal is to make it accessible to the public and consolidate the space so there's room for future development.

"We will take down the fence with the chain-link and the razor wire that's there today. Clear that all out and bring the public back in," said Steve Ranalli, vice president of Waterfront Development at Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation. He added the 115 private slips will remain.



The other big change is where the Queen City Bike Ferry will be located. Ranalli said ideally it would drop off the some 50,000 riders a year who utilize it closer to Wilkeson Pointe, a little further south from where they land now. 

Speaking of, that area is the second project on which community input is sought. There is 125 acres in total from Wilkeson Pointe to the Bell Slip.





Right now, as part of the Buffalo Billion Two, there's $15 million on hand. Ranalli says community input already has shown a desire to keep the acreage open. The overall goal is to enhance the experience of anyone who pays a visit.



The goal is to create something similar to what's being worked on across from the Safe Harbor Marina. That’s where the 96,000 square foot Terminal B complex building is. Also in that area, a mountain biking track, an event lawn and habitat restoration.

In the end it will be mixed use development for year-round fun. You will start to see these changes as soon as next Memorial Day. That’s when the Terminal B site is set to be completed.