BUFFALO, N.Y. — Nelson Locher has spent more than 3,600 minutes in a Red Cross donation chair during his life.

"Some months it could be three times in a month, but generally it's two and it's set up as a part of my life schedule," said Locher. 

Over the past 34 years, Locher has donated so much blood that they put his picture on the wall.

How much has he given? Tuesday was donation number 607.

"It goes to wherever they need to send it and I never know who ends up getting it but it's going to someone in need," said Locher. 

Even with long-time donors like Locher sitting in their red recliners on a regular basis, the Red Cross is always in need of donations. The summer months usually coincide with a dip in donations, as 20 percent of blood brought in for future use comes through drives at schools.

During the Fourth of July holiday, the organization saw a major dip and are now facing an emergency blood shortage.

"There were about 550 fewer drives across the country last week than we'd see in an average week so that's basically like going a whole day without collecting blood for the Red Cross," said Red Cross spokesman Jay Bonafede. 

According to the Red Cross, every two seconds a person in the U.S. needs blood and that is a non-stop statistic.

The organization is pleading for potential donors to step forward to help save lives.

"It all has a shelf life so it's that blood on the shelves that we use to meet patient needs. We want to make sure we have that supply ready to go so that we can meet the constant need," said Bonafede. 

"Think about what somebody needs to survive, if it's part of your blood and you're willing to give it and you're giving a part of yourself to help somebody else live better," said Locher. 

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