WEBSTER, N.Y. -- A pro-Trump t-shirt store in Webster called 'Team Deplorable' which opened earlier this week has abruptly ceased operations.

Some residents spent Fourth of July protesting outside of the store expressing displeasure about its name and what it stood for.

“It’s almost as if they’re saying that they’re proud to be a deplorable, or proud to be expressing this, but it’s not okay," said protester Tessa Degrace. "It’s not a good word to be expressing yourself as.”

Owner Bruce Ben-Dov had previously said he opened the store to support President Trump’s policies and to start a grassroots movement for the upcoming mid-term elections. He named the store after a comment Hillary Clinton made during a fundraiser in 2016. That’s when she said you could put half of Trump’s supporters into a basket of deplorables.

With a number of businesses lining the busy street, Founder of rSalon, Scott Dennis said he remembers back in June when he saw the sign go up. He said it was shocking especially because that was building he started his salon in.

Ben-Dov told Spectrum News on Thursday that the closure was not related to the protests and cited financial reasons.

According to court paperwork, he's being sued by American Express for nearly $11,000.