BUFFALO, N.Y. — Buffalo natives Chris and Lorissa Naugle have flipped more than 100 houses around the Queen City. 

Now they'll be showing off their work on their new show, "Risky Builders," on HGTV.

With the help of designer Blair Rusin, the three transform run-down properties into dream homes.

They say Buffalo's housing market has changed dramatically since they started flipping homes years ago, but they say there couldn't be a better time to have this spotlight here than right now.

"Just to be able to showcase Buffalo and how Buffalo is being built and being part of that whole resurgence in Buffalo, it's quite the honor," said Chris Naugle.

He says after they flip just one home an entire neighborhood can be transformed.

"We'll remodel a house and then all of a sudden the house two doors down will get landscaping or siding and then the next one does it," he said. "We come back a year later, two years later and the whole neighborhood is starting to develop and change."

And with "Risky Builders," they want to show people that they too could do it.

"We're going to bring the look that we like which hopefully might influence other people as well as just being a normal American working town," Blair Rusin said. "I think it's feasible for everyone else to do what we're doing and we're basically just showing them using television."

The pilot episode of "Risky Builders" is set to air Sunday, June 24, at 2 p.m. on HGTV. If the show receives enough support, it could be picked up for a full run of episodes. 

"We really want to get picked up because we know what we can do for this community," Lorissa Naugle said.  "It's like putting Waco, Texas on the map for Chip and Joanna Gaines so we'd be doing the same thing here in Buffalo," referencing another couple with a home improvement and repair show on HGTV.

"This could go on to be a really long awesome thing where we all get to build Buffalo together," Chris Naugle added.