NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. — Niagara County District Attorney Caroline Wojtaszek, Niagara Falls city police and volunteers hit the pavement along Pine Street Tuesday, as part of Operation SafeCam. It's a program that encourages businesses and homeowners to register their surveillance cameras with the DA's Office, as well as the Niagara Intelligence and Crime Analysis Center.

Leaders say the purpose is to give them immediate access to the video. One local business owner says though he hasn't encountered any serious criminal activity, he still wanted to register his cameras.

"There's nothing wrong with people being precautionary in today's and age. Whether you live in the best neighborhood or the worst neighborhood. And every business and every home should take these proper steps," said Michael Capozzi, Michael's Restaurant owner.

"When the community knows that this area has joined together with the District Attorney’s Office, with the Niagara Falls Police Department, to fight crime, they will think twice before coming to this area and committing offenses," Caroline Wojtaszek, (D) said.

Anyone wanting to register their cameras can click here.