Citing a lack of transparency and accountability over a two-year period, a scathing report issued by the New York State Authorities Budget Office took the Erie County Water Authority to task.

Among the problems outlined were approving employment agreements for two employees last year without reviewing the terms or content of the contract.

One provided the authority's deputy director with a 36 percent salary increase. The other gave the executive director what it dubbed a "golden parachute," guaranteeing his full salary for the term of his contract.

Other issues include increasing the infrastructure investment charge by 26 percent without first telling customers, and approving its 2018 budget without discussing its contents in public.

The commissioners who were on the board during that time were formally censured, and the ABO states that Jerome Schad, the only commissioner listed in the report who remains on the board, should be replaced by the county legislature.

Facing questions Tuesday, Schad said 16 of 21 recommendations made in the report have already been implemented.

"The minute I had the opportunity to be in the majority and effectuate change, that's what I've done, and I'll continue to do it," said Schad, who became chairman in May.

Erie County Legislators Joe Lorigo and Tom Loughran issued a statement calling for Schad to resign immediately.

Lorigo says if Schad does not step down, he will introduce a resolution at next Thursday's legislature meeting to remove the Water Authority Chairman.

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