BUFFALO, N.Y. — Get up close and personal with the exotic birds of Australian Outback, without traveling down under.

The Buffalo Zoo’s newest exhibit, Boomerang Island, houses more than 300 birds in the 1,200-square-foot custom-made aviary.

The exhibit includes different species of feathered friends, including budgies, cockatiels, Princess of Wales parrots, superb parrots and kookaburras, all native to the Australian Outback.

"The birds are very interactive with guests. They are very accustom to being around large amounts of people, so when guests come in, they can get a feed stick for $2 and come in and feed the animals that we have living in this habitat," said Samantha Lawson, supervisor of the Boomerang Island exhibit. "The birds will come down and land on your shoulder and that's a really immersive experience for them."

Since they're not used to the cold they'll only be staying in Buffalo for the summer months. But Norah Fletchall, Buffalo Zoo CEO, says they plan to bring them back next summer.

The exhibit opens Saturday and will run until Labor Day.