BUFFALO, N.Y. — Russ Brandon has resigned from both the front offices of both the Buffalo Bills and Sabres, according to a statement released by Pegula Sports & Entertainment Tuesday.

A statement from Brandon sent by text message to an AP reporter, then confirmed, reads:

I have been contemplating transitioning out of my role for some time. My goal when the Pegula's purchased the franchise was to reach 20 years with the Bills in which I achieved this past November. Given where we are from a timing standpoint, particularly with the conclusion of the NFL Draft, now seems like the time to make that transition. As grateful as I am for the amazing experience and the incredible people I've had the privilege to work with the past two decades, I am just as anxious for the professional opportunities that lie ahead.

The Associated Press also reports that Brandon resigned after ownership confronted him about an alleged "inappropriate relationship with a female employee."

University at Buffalo Law Professor Nellie Drew says if true, that allegation could lead to further fallout from the NFL itself.

"The NFL personal conduct policy definition applies not only to the players but also to the owners and the executives, really any employee of any NFL team as well as the NFL itself," said Drew. "Under the provisions of that policy, the Pegulas would be required to report any instances of violations of the policy to the league office and it would be handled from there."

Brandon spent 20 years with the Bills before rising to president, and was hired as Sabres' president in 2015.