BUFFALO, N.Y. -- One man died after a car crashed into a building on Buffalo's east side. The car was pursued by officers looking for someone who a man said shot at him in downtown Buffalo.

Police had pulled over a vehicle near Michigan Avenue and Goodell Street around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday, when a man approached and told the Central District officers someone had shot at him.

The officers drove off and found a car matching the description, but upon trying to stop it, the driver took off. The car crashed into the side of Mount Zion Community Sanctuary at Genesee Street and Bissell Avenue.

The passenger in the car died at the scene. The driver was taken to the hospital for a head injury and a broken leg. He's in police custody. Neither were initially identified.

Police have a pursuit policy which allows officers to chase a suspect connected to a violent crime, taking into account factors such as traffic and the time of day.

Shell casings were found by police investigating the initial scene, while a gun and a "felony amount" of an undisclosed drug were found with the deceased passenger.