50 people died when the flight crashed in Clarence Center February 12, 2009. One of the families' biggest advocates was Congresswoman Louise Slaughter.

"We going to miss her a lot. We're going to miss her a lot. She became like family to us," said Justine Krasuski, whose husband Jerry on Flight 3407.

Jen West lost her husband Ernie. She said of the late Congresswoman, "I would like to thank her for being a good role model for all women, and I'm so glad my daughter got to meet her and see what women can do in Congress and they can be strong and fight for what's right."

After the NTSB ruled pilot error and improper training was the cause, Slaughter joined the families in their fight for safer skies.

"She was so respectful and comforting, and she swore to us at that time that she was going to do everything she can to stand by us and fight for airline safety and that she did," said Krasuski.

In 2010, the families secured increased co-pilot flight time and crew rest requirements. 

"We were waiting a long time that day for the bill to go to the floor, and we weren't even sure it was going to get there before they went on their recess. She took us to her committee room in the capital and we sat there until almost midnight," said Krasuski.

West added, "It's always a long process going through the halls, and it's a really long day. And at the end of the day, it was nighttime, and she had us all in her office, about 30 of us and got pizzas for us, and chicken wings, and we just hung out."

And each time the legislation was challenged, Slaughter was there to help block challenges.

"She was spunky. She just had that about her. She was so sweet. She was so sweet and so considerate. She praised us all the time for the work we had done," said Krasuski.

West said, "She actually had the time to know us and she would speak about us and our stories and how it touched her. And I think all that emotion holds a lot of power."

But despite losing such a fierce advocate, they know the rest of the Western New York delegation is on their side for this never-ending fight.