The Erie County Water Authority has its next commissioner.

Mark Carney was appointed to the role following a 10 to 1 vote by the Erie County Legislature on Thursday.

Legislator Thomas Loughran pushed for a 90-day moratorium on naming a new commissioner, but that did not happen.

He says he wish he would have had the chance to really bring change to the water authority, but other leaders say this appointment should still do that.

"We will continue to try reforms to make that place run better. But frankly, the appointment we put up today, he has leadership background, management experience, he's been an attorney for 30 years. He can bring that change forward,” said Peter Savage, (D) Erie County Legislature chairperson.

"I think it would have sent a clear message to the state delegation that we are serious about reforming this failed system,” said Loughran, (D) Erie County Legislature - District 5.

Carney will be replacing Robert Anderson, who is leaving the position next month.