The Buffalo law firm of Jeff Anderson & Associates on Tuesday released a report detailing 13 priests publicly accused of sexual abuse in the Buffalo Catholic Diocese. 

"There were many, many individuals whose childhoods were affected by this trauma, and to this day, still think they are the only one," said Michael Reck, attorney.

Now they're calling on the Buffalo Diocese to release all the records of abusive clerics. 

"They've never seen the accountability, the acknowledgment that this happened, it was wrong and that it was not their fault. That acknowledgment is the first step toward their healing," said Reck.

A few weeks ago, the diocese estimated they had about 100 reports of abuse by 53 priests, dating back to 1950.

In a statement Tuesday, a spokesperson for the diocese said in part:

"Any time we receive notice of a claim of abuse and there is a semblance of truth, we remove the priest from active ministry and report it to the appropriate district attorney in accordance with our agreement with the eight counties in our Diocese."

Reck said, "The release of the identities and whereabouts of known offenders protects children today and children tomorrow."

The report also laid where these priests served. 

"After Father Cotter had problems with children here in Buffalo, they sent him to San Diego, and sharks do what sharks do. They eat. Father Cotter offended in San Diego, and he was part of the large settlement and bankruptcy we had in San Diego," said Patrick Wall, an advocate who works with the law firm.

Reck said, "That map, which is compiled just with the 13 names that we know of, speaks for itself. If they want to talk about it, as we think they should, then they should acknowledge. If they were using the geographic solution, by moving priests around, they should acknowledge that, they should fix that. If there's some other reason, then by all means, they should explain it to you all and the public."

The diocese has denied shuffling priests around after reports of abuse.

A spokesperson for the diocese says a decision on if they will release the list of priests who have been accused of sexual abuse "will be forthcoming very soon” and that the bishop is taking the situation seriously. 

This comes less than two weeks after the diocese announced a compensation fund for survivors who have already come forward. They are still working out logistics and did not have a specified amount yet.