BUFFALO, N.Y. — Wakanda Fever could be felt in Western New York during opening weekend for Black Panther.

Fans said the film is more than just another Marvel flick for the black community.

"I can’t even put into words the look on my daughters and sons faces when they saw themselves on the screen," said Drea D’Nur.

D’Nur is a part of Panthfrica, a community arts organization in Buffalo.

The group recently held a viewing party for the film and asked guests to don African attire.

D’Nur said black audiences in Western New York are flocking to see the film because of its Afro-futuristic theme.

"Afro-futurism is envisioning where we're going as a people, but it's really returning back to who we were before slavery."

Leah Hamilton is the associate publisher of the Challenger Newspaper in Buffalo.

Hamilton has been covering various events surround the film’s release and says there’s a universal message everyone can learn from.

"It goes beyond black actor, black cast, black director,” said Hamilton. “The compassion of this hero, this super-hero is immense and the understanding among the people is amazing. I think it’s going to go back into the community where we look at where we are and where we can be.”

According to box office numbers, Black Panther earned the best-ever opening weekend for February with $218.2 million over President’s Day weekend.