WEST SENECA, N.Y. — West Seneca is a few months away from opening a brand new community center and library, but some residents aren't happy about how the town is funding the project.

The building is projected to cost around $14 million. Town Supervisor Sheila Meegan says taxpayers will be on the hook for $10.5 million, or roughly $33 a year for 25 years.

The town board recently agreed to borrow a $5 million bond while it waits for grant money to help pay for the rest. 

A group of taxpayers have started a petition for a referendum on the issue, giving residents the chance to vote whether or not to borrow those funds.

“We're signing the petition to stop this [from] going through. Enough is enough. If they didn't have money, they shouldn't have built it,” said resident Cindy Royce.

“If this project is delayed, the impact on the town will well exceed that. Those lawsuits would come from each and every vendor, every contractor that sits on that job would not be paid,” said Meegan.

People leading the petition drive say they need 686 signatures by Friday to force a referendum. The Community Center and Library should be completed by May.