BUFFALO, N.Y. — Who could forget the scene outside of last year’s State of the City address?

Dozens of protesters lined the sidewalks and eventually blocked the streets, demanding justice after 20-year-old Wardel "Meech" Davis died in Buffalo police custody.

It ended with seven arrests, including that of a former Buffalo police officer, Cariol Horne.

In the end, Horne faced several charges in relation to the case, but was only found guilty of trespassing at a recent sentencing.

This isn't Horne's first brush with the justice system; she was fired from the Buffalo Police Department in 2008 after 19 years on the force.

It came following an incident where she grabbed another officer that she says was beating a handcuffed man.

Since then, Horne has been fighting the state to get her pension and working to set up legal protections for other officers who may find themselves in her position.

"Councilperson Jumaane Williams, who is running for lieutenant governor, says that he will write a resolution for 'Cariol's Law' that will protect officers that do speak out,” said Horne.

But law, or no law, she says she won't let the past silence her.

"I will continue to speak against the wrongdoings in the police department until something changes,” said Horne.