BUFFALO, N.Y. — Buffalo's Education Committee Chair Ulysees Wingo weighed in Tuesday on the City Honors High School dispute between the district and the Buffalo Teachers Federation. He did so following the group's regular committee meeting. Wingo says he remains hopeful both sides can reach an amicable resolution.

District leaders say City Honors is cutting five positions, after an arbitrator said teachers did not have to perform non-teaching duties like cafeteria or study hall coverage. Now the district has to hire 16 aides to cover those duties to balance the school's budget.

Wingo says the union is going to have to recognize the consequences if it continues on the route it’s going. Union leaders say the district is being spiteful and no longer willing to negotiate after rejecting the union's latest offer. The district says it's always willing to negotiate and solicited feedback during a meeting Tuesday at the school for those impacted from the decision. 

"From what we've heard, there's a lot of varying perspective on this situation, even from the teachers at City Honors. So we want to make sure we're hearing from all the constituents moving forward and hopefully coming to a fair resolution," said Sabatino Cimato, BPS School Leadership associate superintendent.

"I don't believe that City Honors is on an island. I don't believe City Honors has its own zip code, I don't believe City Honors is a different city where they are outside of Buffalo, New York district schools," said Wingo.

The Buffalo Board of Education is expected to give an update on the issue Wednesday night.