BATAVIA, N.Y. -- Here in Western New York, there’s no white in sight, yet.

But the first big snow storm of the season is on its way.

The Genesee County Emergency Management Center is closely monitoring the fluid situation.

“We can’t primarily pinpoint where the snow is going to be," said center director Tim Yaeger. "So everybody needs to be prepared.” 

The city and Town of Batavia highway departments say they are ready.

Officials say crews are working hard and did a dry run with the equipment – including $250,000 dollar trucks – earlier this week.

“Today is really just the last minute prep," said Tom Lichtenthal, of the Town of Batavia Highway Department. "Making sure all the lights, everything’s working on that. Make sure the plows are all fueled. And the salt is ready to go.”

The department stores fifteen hundred tons of salt. It's a special mix that includes an organic compound that lowers the melting point and helps it stick to the roads.

Officials say drivers should slow down and make room for those plows – if you have to be on the roads at all.

“I’m always concerned about people, both their driving skills as well as their driving skills around emergency response vehicles," Yaeger said. "Snowplows, school buses and intersections is where we’ve seen a lot of those issues, and they’re just not slowing down for the conditions. So they need to be aware of that.”