HAMBURG, N.Y. — One of the only 24/7 emergency dentists in the country has setup shop in Hamburg.

Dr. Neil Scott has been a dentist for 31 years and was a medical physician before that.

For the last ten years of his practice at Country Dentistry, he's been on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Scott says he decided to expand his hours after hearing wait-time horror stories from new patients.

"My farthest distance patient right now is coming from North Carolina. He came up to visit his father, had an emergency and he came in and I took care of him. Then he says 'Can I use you as my dentist?' And I said 'Why?' And he says 'Because I hate the ones down in North Carolina.' And I said 'sure,'" said Dr. Scott.

But unfortunately Dr. Scott's life-saving practice won't be around for much longer.

He's retiring in five years and hasn't found a successor.

*Note: Dr. Scott's price quotes in the story are based on initial exam fees only. Please reach out to his office for more information on final price estimates and payment information.