BUFFALO, N.Y. — Some four-legged friends in the city of Buffalo got to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday a little early.

120 cats and dogs at the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter were treated to a unique holiday dinner Wednesday.

The three-course feast was prepared by Chef Malik Von Saint of Hotel Henry, who did research to prepare special animal-friendly treats.

Volunteers also showed up to walk and play with the animals, but the shelter says they are always in need of donations, not just during the holiday season.

"Although the city funds us, and they fund us very well, we're just so big now and we just always need stuff. We're in constant need of laundry soap, we do laundry seven days a week, 24 hours a day almost. Dog biscuits, bleach, stuff like that, we always need towels, blankets,” said Mark Young, City of Buffalo Animal Shelter.

Donations can be dropped off to the shelter located at Oak Street Monday through Saturday.