LEWISTON, N.Y. -- Lewiston resident Amy Witryol worries about the health of young people in the Lewiston Porter School District.

"This is a community where the New York State Department of Health determined, based on a ten year study issued in 2008, that the children living in this school district had a rate of cancer that was 87 percent higher than the rest of the state," Witryol said.

Witryol wonders if it has anything to do with CWM Chemical Services and Waste Management located in the towns of Lewiston and Porter.

"That particular study didn't evaluate whether CWM played a role in those statistics, however it's significant, circumstantial evidence in a community that is already burdened and want to take every opportunity to remove truck of toxic waste that travel leaking through our neighborhoods, and must travel past the front doors of all the public schools for two towns," Witryol said.

Witryol has filed a lawsuit aimed at halting the commercial treatment and storage of PCB and hazardous waste at CWM.

"There is no reason for this type of waste to be buried in our backyards and we want it over. So, we've had enough in the town of Lewiston, I think we speak in Lewiston for the towns of Porter and vicinity our neighbors we don't want it in Niagara County," said Alfonso Bax, (R) Lewiston councilmember.

There is no proof connecting the landfill to health issues in the area and CWM stopped accepting hazardous waste at the landfill about two years ago, but it's looking at possibly adding another 44 acres for landfill purposes. Witryol is hopeful the lawsuit will rule in their favor.

"The Attorney General’s Office is charged with  defending the DEC when it's there is litigation, will counsel their client to perhaps rethink and withdraw the action of allowing this treatment and storage to continue and hopefully resolve this sooner than later. But I have no way of predicting that," said Witryol.

Waste Management did not immediately return a request for comment.