ROYALTON, N.Y. -- When a ReUse Action crew goes through homes, commercial buildings and barns, they seek out salvage materials that would typically be thrown away.

In the case of this barn in Niagara County, crews will pop all the pegs, mark everything clearly, draw up some blueprints, and that way, the barn can then get reassembled.

In other cases, reusable building material is collected, shipped off to ReUse's storefront in the city of Buffalo, priced and put on sale.

"We have beams, we have joists, we have flooring and siding. It's been really popular stuff," said Kevin Hayes, the store manager.

"This stuff will go back to the store where we have a few jobs, some of that stuff will be bought by local artisans who will make it into stuff," said Michael Gainer, ReUse's owner. "It creates this whole pipeline of jobs and economic opportunities that didn't exist, whereas before it would have just been crunched and thrown in a hole."