NORTH TONAWANDA, N.Y. -- At Payne Park in North Tonawanda, the draw Wednesday afternoon was the goldfish derby. And just like the fish, colorful rocks and their creators are looking to create smiles.

"I heard about the idea in Florida, I know that the goodness of Buffalo that everybody would get a kick out it and it would be a hit," Kim LaRussa, founder of Sweet Buffalo Rocks said. "We actually have 3,000 people taking part right now and it's growing every single day.”

It's really as simple as paint and a rock. After that, the rock is hidden and the smiles spread.

For 5-year-old Elena Rocco, it makes no sense why anyone would be sad. So it makes perfect sense to spread joy, no matter how intricate the detail or powerful the message.

"Everybody shares the world, because that's how life works, so we need to hide rocks," Rocco said.

For some, it's taken on a personal meaning.

"This is getting them afraid of electronics, getting them outside, getting them being creative," Susan Leanza, of North Tonawanda said. "Even if a kid says they can't do it, they can."

All it takes is paint and a rock.

"And who would have thought a rock could do that?" LaRussa asked.