NORTH TONAWANDA, N.Y. -- Mike and Jean Wolf said the lawn game First-N-Ten all started with an idea during a trip to the grocery store.

“He goes, 'I have to show this game,' and he just keeps going," Jean said, "and going and going and he says 'What do you think?' I said, 'That's great, but where are the groceries?"

That was July of 2014. Fast forward to Christmas of last year and First-N-Ten can be found at Budwey’s, Niagara Produce and online.

But this story isn't intended to be a sales pitch for the tailgating game, which is part Kan Jam, mixed with football and horseshoes. No, there's a deeper meaning behind this miniature yellow plastic goalposts.

The Wolfs used money they pitched away for retirement, writing their own rules for this next chapter in life, after a recent battle with stage four throat and tonsil cancer.

“I had 33 treatments of radiation and chemotherapy," Jean said.

Now in remission and in this newest 'season of life,' as the Wolfs call it, money from sales of First-N-Ten is going towards a greater cause.

The 100-some people in the congregation at Nash Road Church have miraculously raised around $13,000 in a capital campaign, but they're still about $3,600 short and in desperate need of a new roof.

Just up and running, the Wolfs have made zero profit, but they quickly learned this business venture is not about the dollar signs, it's about getting rich in the heart.

The Wolfs have also teamed up with the #BillsMafia and $5 from every sale will go towards Carly's Club. They’re also holding the first ever First-N-Ten Tournament on June 2 at Buffalo RiverWorks.