TONAWANDA, N.Y. -- Tabitha the pig, who continues to recover at the SPCA Serving Erie County, is healing quite well from stab wounds, according to her handlers.

Tabitha was found Jan. 12 wandering around Sloan, suffering from several stab wounds. She underwent emergency surgery, and when she was first found, assistant farm manager Patricia Burg said her future was uncertain.

"Is she even going to live first? You know, because there was an awful lot of blood and she really wasn't breathing well," Burg said. "With her having to be out on the farm here, because she's too big to put inside somewhere, and they're very strong even at that age, so she had to be out on the farm and it was cold, so we wanted to make sure that we could first treat the injury that she had and then evaluate from there and see what was going to happen next."

According to the SPCA, Tabitha has a forever home that she will go to when she is done recuperating.