Editor's Note: Some readers may find some of the language used in this article to be offensive. The facts, comments and words in this report derive from controversial comments form Carl Paladino.

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Carl Paladino, a Buffalo businessman, school board member and former New York gubernatorial candidate, said Friday afternoon that he fully stands behind comments published about President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. Those comments, in the form of a New Year's wishlist, exploded online, causing outrage from people in Buffalo and far beyond.

The sentiments expressed by Paladino in a Buffalo-based newsweekly, ArtVoice, went online Friday morning.

Paladino said he hopes President Obama contracts mad cow disease after having intercourse with a cow and dies, while his hope for adviser Valerie Jarret is to have “a Jihady cell mate mistook her for being a nice person and decapitated her.”

Paladino, meanwhile, hopes Michelle Obama is returned to “being a male and let loose in the outback of Zimbabwe where she lives comfortably in a cave with Maxie, the gorilla.”

The questions posed were, what would you most like to happen in 2017, and what would you like to see go away in 2017.

Paladino confirmed those responses as sought by the newspaper were his, were meant to be funny, were not about race, and he saw them as an opportunity to get the media's attention to express his thoughts on Obama. 

When asked about the potential blacklash or possible implications of his comments, Paladino said, “I don’t fear. I don’t care. I don’t care if they don’t like me, I don’t care if people got something to say because I know their minds have been so warped by this progressive movement over the years that these people have to be reconditioned to a reality. A reality that’s not trying to micromanage every thought that they have."

Paladino said he expected, even looked for the resulting firestorm:

“It’s only when I get you excited by saying something off the chart that you suddenly want to listen.”

All so that he could air his grievances with the Obamas. 

“It’s okay for me to not like the president. That’s alright. I don’t care call it hateful. That’s alright, doesn’t matter. I don’t like people that try to demean my country. They try to demean the veterans of this country, they try to demean the military of this country.”

Paladino was an honorary co-chair of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in New York and sits on the Buffalo Public School Board. He was the 2010 Republican nominee for governor and has not ruled out a run in 2018.

A statement issued by a Trump spokeswoman Thursday afternoon reads: “Carl's comments are absolutely reprehensible, and they serve no place in our public discourse.”

BPS Board President Barbara Nevergold said Paladino's comments were totally inappropriate, egregious and sends the wrong message to students.

Paladino remained characteristically defiant During a radio interview later in the day with WBEN, blaming “retarded liberal people” who attack him. Read more on the NY State of Politics Blog.