LITTLE FALLS, N.Y. -- A Little Falls high school student and his parents are suing the school district after they say their son was body slammed by a teacher and wrestling coach.

Connor Gage, a junior and a wrestler on the varsity team, was picked up and thrown to the ground by the modified wrestling coach, Nikolaus Reff, tearing the ligaments in his right shoulder, according to Gage's attorney, Mark Wolber.

After looking into the incident, Wolber said Reff was told not to wrestle with the members of the team. Gage's injuries will most likely keep him from wrestling the rest of this year, and possibly next. 

A notice of claim has been filed against the school district, holding them responsible for allegedly failing to take measures that would have protected the student. 

"It seems to me that the schools are attempting to educate the students, as to how to behave, and perhaps with this case and others like this, the courts are going to have to educate the schools as to how they have to behave toward their own students," said Wolber, who has asked the Herkimer County District Attorney to also look into the case.

He also intends to file lawsuits against the school district, as well as Nikolaus Reff, in the coming months. 

The district superintendent could not comment on the allegations against Reff, as it is a personnel matter. He confirmed they had received the notice of claim, and are following all of the appropriate procedures. 

Reff did not immediately return a request for comment.