BUFFALO, N.Y. -- As we near the end of an election cycle that's featured plenty of negativity, Canadians are sharing a positive message with Americans before they head to the polls.

The "Tell America It's Great" campaign was started by The Garden, a company in Toronto that said online they felt compelled to reach out to their neighbors to the south.

"It’s no secret that America is going through a hard time right now. The election has exposed some pretty scary realities that will likely challenge them for years to come, regardless of who’s elected. They’ve been bombarded with a tremendous amount of negativity and it’s likely that for many of them, the immediate future seems rather bleak."

"I was very proud of my fellow citizens for the fact that they looked across the border, saw that our neighbors maybe needed a little bit of encouragement and found a unique way of doing it," said Andrew Nicholls, chair of the History and Social Studies Education department at SUNY Buffalo State.  

As a Canadian who now lives in the states, Nicholls understands the relationship between the U.S. and Canada personally and professionally. 

"We share the longest undefended border in the world, we have the largest bi-lateral trading relationship in the world, our economies are deeply integrated," said Nicholls,"But I think more importantly, there are very, very deeply held and shared cultural values and experiences." 

He says Canadian media is in some ways dominated by U.S. content, so they've been following our election with great interest, and it's inspired many to tell Americans what they think makes our country special.

Nicholls hopes these messages help Americans know that Canadians have their back.

"There are friends and neighbors that see themselves as being your friends and family and want to keep the relationship that way, and to remind you again, maybe in a tough period, just how great you are."