In response to recent terror attacks around the world, a new company is working to make every day citizens feel safer.

SAFGRU, a professional civilian security company held their first training seminar Saturday. They're helping teach people how to respond in an active shooter situation. Presenters included former Navy SEALS who shared tips and stories, focusing on how to be a leader in a crisis and being aware of your surroundings.  

Trainees also learned about weapons, self defense and lockdown techniques.

"They want to teach regular citizens, ordinary people what to do in this type of event.  We wanted to alarm them in a controlled fashion get their heart rates up a bit.  It was a ten second scenario that ended promptly.  But a real life scenario would continue for perhaps up to 15 minutes before law enforcement brings the situation under control," said Terrence Burns M.D., president of SAFGRU.

Burns says professionally-trained civilians can not only help to prevent an attack but also improve the outcome of a dangerous situation.