BUFFALO, N.Y. -- For two days, Taijuan Littleton tried to get in touch with Shaleena Hamilton. She'd reached out to the Rent-A-Center he works at to get some items picked up.

Finally, on Friday, he got an answer.

"The little boy actually answered the phone," Littleton said. "I realized that something was going on there because he couldn't wake up his mom. That's when I went over there to see exactly what was going on."

The little boy was Hamilton's four-year-old son, Bryan Keith Allen, Jr.

A co-worker stayed on the phone with him while Littleton headed to the home. He could see Hamilton lying on the floor through a window.

Bryan unlocked the door, and Littleton says he could tell once inside that his mother was dead.

"He just had on a diaper, and what I did was I wrapped him up in a cover and I took him outside to my van because it was very cold that day, just to get him out of the house. Turned on the heat on high blast so he wouldn't be cold, and we sat and waited for 911 to get there," said Littleton.

Bryan's grandfather says he was told his 43-year-old daughter suffered from a blood clot to the heart before falling down the stairs and breaking her neck. That was two days before Littleton came by.

"He survived on milk and maple syrup for 48 hours," said his grandfather, Thomas Porter.

Police say neighbors apparently heard Bryan yelling that he was hungry, but figured it was a common child's complaint.

Officers say that Littleton sets an example for the kind of good neighbors Buffalo is known for.

"We try to tell them, 'We need you to get involved. We need you to be part of your community. We can't do this alone, and we need your help,'" said Lt. Steven Nichols with Buffalo Police.

Monday, police gave Bryan's family a bike purchased through a GIVE grant, as well as presents dropped off by officers, employees with the DA's office, and community members, but no one's forgotten about the most important gift.

"If you wouldn't have found him, ain't no telling how long he would've been in that house, so I appreciate it so much," Porter said to Littleton.

"No problem," Littleton responded, shaking his hand.

Police say anyone who'd like to donate gifts to Bryan can drop them off at police headquarters or district station houses.