BUFFALO, N.Y. -- In the last 48 hours, the Patrick Kane case has had as many twists and turns as your average hockey game.

On Thursday, the accuser's original lawyer, Thomas Eoannou, abruptly resigned after concluding alleged evidence had been misrepresented. Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita called the alleged evidence bag an "elaborate hoax" created by the accuser's mother. Patrick Kane's attorney Paul Cambria responded with his own take on the alleged evidence tampering.

"We have a phrase sometimes when we go into court and various people are testifying. We call it testilying because we see it so often in criminal cases. So we're not surprised by anything," says Cambria.

Cambria says there's one fact revealed during Sedita's news conference about the latest turn of events that really grabbed his attention.

"That the actual accuser knew what that bag contained. That was a very, very important fact. If you know what it contains, you witness someone claiming that it contains something else and you know it's introduced into the legal process and you know what the consequences can be. You're ok with that, you're ok with a fraud being perpetrated. I think that's a very significant fact," said Cambria.

The accuser's family issued a statement Thursday saying there's no proof she knew what the evidence bag contained and they'll continue to pursue their case against Patrick Kane. Cambria believes those involved in the hoax should be held accountable.

"My client's career, my client's reputation, my client's liberty, all of those are involved here to the highest level. Anybody who tries to corrupt the process and to take any one or all of those things away from him, should be punished. There's no room in the system for this kind of hoax. It corrupts it to the core," says Cambria.

What happens next in this case is still unknown but Cambria says he'd like to see the case thrown out so his client can move on with his life.