BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Homeland Security Investigations agents say more synthetic narcotics are being imported from China and sold on the streets of Buffalo.

"Flocka or Insanity, or all different names whatever you call it, though it's just varied chemicals, They're sold in China as research chemicals," said Special Agent in Charge Vincent Salvatore. "You can go on the internet and buy this stuff as research chemicals and they will ship it to the United States but it's being used for human consumption and to get a high."

Those chemicals are being shipped to major mail hubs in the country but agents say they've also seen it shipped directly here. The drugs are also showing up in outlying counties and the Southern Tier.

"We do seize synthetic narcotics at the border as well such as bath salts or synthetic marijuana. It's sort of a normal occurrence for us," said Port of Buffalo Chief CBP Officer Aaron Bowker.

"We're doing our part to try and stop the flow of these substances coming into the United States but what we really need to do is decrease the demand," said Salvatore.

Since Oct. 2014, the Homeland Security Investigations agency in Buffalo has made 26 arrests involving synthetic narcotics. Agents say there have also been reported deaths from the use of synthetic narcotics in the region.

"You don't know what you're taking. The people that are manufacturing this stuff and putting it out on the street do not care about the welfare of the people that are taking it," said Salvatore.

In an effort to combat this epidemic, agents are reaching out concert venues and alerting the public. They're warning people of the safety and health risks, and urging them to refrain from using these toxic chemicals.